Hear are a few letters and emails that we have received over the years

This is the only time that I ask, but it would be nice to see yours here too

John Had recently Moved to Modbury, from East Worthel Farm and needed work doing on his new home in Modbury. East Worthel Farm is mentioned in the Doomsday Book, so I am told.
We had previously, and most recently, relaid an area of cobbles beside the Farmhouse alongside Marshalls Tegula setts.
Prior to this in 1988/9 we had spent the best part of a year restoring Walls that had collapsed converting a milking parlour, where we found cobbles laid on top of cobbles. And opened uptake entrance by constructing a huge archway approx 5 wide to convert it to a garage, The Cobbles found were used on areas adjacent to the now garage and stable block, and the Garage floor concreted with dished gullies taking the water out as the stables and garage floor were washed. Plus loads more work

This was the 2nd project forJohn at Modbury, where we laid Indian Sandstone paving around the two sides of the property.
The problem that we had to overcome, was that a retaining wall that had been built around the property, the level of the footings were just 2 inches 5 cm or 50mm below the property’s damp proofreads course it should be at least 8 inches 20 cm 200 mm below to allow for drainage away from the property.
The path was a mishmash of cracked and broken concrete, and John didn’t want the cost of taking down and rebuilding the walls, so the drain mentioned which are Aco’s were installed, these ran immediately adjacent to the house and discharged into the various downpipes soak-aways. The levels were such that a door leading onto the path was barely 5 cm’s (50mm 2 inches) above the path,

The Ground around was clay, very damp often wet, so the only cost effective option was the way that we handled it

These last two years have surprised me, with previous customers from the late 8o’s coming back for more work on their property or because they have moved, Amongst these are John Bower MBE, We had spent nearly 12 months at his previous property East Worthel Farm, where we really did transform what was previously a Working Farm, it still was in a Homestead sort of way with rare breed sheep and of course the Horses.
Another was Harvey Rushton from Kingsand / Birmingham. A property developer, who down sized to Anthony Torpoint where we spent nearly a year, Whilst keeping commitments to Other Customers who were scheduled in Prior  to commencing work at Anthony, Then a real surprise was when Peter and Dr Ruth Harker who still lived in the Same property where we worked in 1988, Called me To carry out work on a patio and driveway that had problems with silt running down the lane and covering there parking area after a deluge of Rain, a more than common occurrence these days. 

Then out of the blue another client Dr Tim Padley called for our services again. I could go on infinitum, But it gives us great pleasure, that we aren’t makeover specialists.
We believe in creating gardens whose bone structure is both functional practical and a joy to be in, now and in the future.
We like to think that they are in fact works of art
There is one other Customer who I must mention and that is Martyn And Hillary, For whom we have completed many a project, the first in Wembury Road Elburton the 2nd in The Crescent Brixton the 3rd in Tapps Lane Brixton then Hillary’s Mother in Brixton then Martyn's Mother in Brixton and then back to Tapps Lane for further work for a Wedding venue. I do believe that Dr Tim Padley came via Martyn's and Hillary’s recommend too!

Many thanks to all our Customers Old and New 

This Project in Traine Road Wembury was for a lovely couple, and the work we did transformed the very spartan look of concrete for paths and concrete steps. that had been added ad hock over the years.
We replaced the concrete steps with Granite Kerb Steps adjusting the levels to stop the penetration of dampness, caused by the previous level of concrete, we removed trailer load after trailer load of spoil, opening up the narrow passage way. Unfortunately I don't seem to have any photos of the work, but somewhere there is a video of graham getting the granite steps in single handed

This was an interesting Job as Chris had had drawings made up for the back Garden by Val Uglow, and very good they were too, with one small draw back which was this; to get to the Bins by the back gate  the only access was over the lawn, not good if you’ve got a board meeting and the grass hasn’t been cut and is a bit boggy because of constant rain.
These are basic concepts for any designer to understand
To me the most important part of a garden design is that it must suit your purpose and be practical in the first instance, Walking over a lawn wearing your nicely polished shoes to get to the garage and the back lane for the bins is not a good idea, stepping stones could be the answer but in this instance it would have detracted completely from the design, We adjusted the design to circumnavigate the lawn which greatly improved the overall design. Problem Sol-ved!
Chris now Chris Freegard MBE was one of Plymouth City Directors, at the time.

This Letter from Ray Chappell was much appreciated, it’s nice when customers take time to thank you for the, work completed for them, I have to say I never ask for them, these are all off their own Bat.
Here is picture of the work undertaken, and whilst still there, a lot of building work was started and now left unfinished for quite a few years now.

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