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A garden wall was extended at the front of a listed cottage in Wembury to act as a flood defence. The work was done speedily and professionally and the finished product is exemplary. It fits perfectly with the existing frontage and the finished product is a vast improvement on what was there before.

Tony Bowring

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13/11/2012 by

The work carried out by the team at Derna was completely to our satisfaction and I was amazed at the work rate and professionalism applied to the project.

- George Bentley

From: John Bower Subject: Drains
Date: 3 November 2018 at 12:34:46 GMT
To: Graham Smith

Hello Graham,

The other day we decided to clear out the drains around the house that you laid and we were surprised and pleased as to how easy it was to remove and replace the covers having scooped out all the accumulated silt and leaves. It’s a very good system so I thought I would let you know.

Best wishes,


John Bower MBE

John Had recently Moved to Modbury, from East Worthel Farm and needed work doing on his new home in Modbury,

We had previously, and most recently, relaid an area of cobbles beside the Farmhouse with Marshalls Tegula setts.
Prior to this in 1988/9 we had spent the best part of a year restoring Walls that had collapsed converting a milking parlour, where we found cobbles laid on top of cobbles. And opened uptake entrance by constructing a huge archway approx 5 wide to convert it to a garage, The Cobbles found were used on areas adjacent to the now garage and stable block, and the Garage floor concreted with dished gulleys taking the water out as the stables and garage floor were washed. Plus loads more work

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East Worthel Farm is mentioned in the Doomsday Book so I am told.
This was the 2nd project forJohn at Modbury, where we laid Indian Sandstone paving around the two sides of the property.
The problem that we had to overcome, was that a retaining wall that had been built around the property, the level of the footings were just 2 inches 5 cm or 50mm below the property’s damp proofreads course it should be at least 8 inches 20 cm 200 mm below to allow for drainage away from the property.
The path was a mishmash of cracked and broken concrete, and John didn’t want the cost of taking down and rebuilding the walls, so the drain mentioned which are Aco’s were installed, these ran immediately adjacent to the house and discharged into the various downpipes soak-aways. The levels were such that a door leading onto the path was barely 5 cm’s (50mm 2 inches) above the path,

The Ground around was clay, very damp often wet, so the only cost effective option was the way that we handled it

Graham Smith -Derna Landscapes and Design

Graham undertook the landscaping of our garden in February and March of this year (24th March 1997) It has been carried out to an extremely high standard and we are very pleased with the result.

Although we already had a design drawn up it was necessary to adapt this so Graham also undertook design work to the garden.

We found Graham to be meticulous and detailed going to great lengths to ensure the correct choices were made . He introduced a drainage system, created an inspection chamber for the drains and tidied up the piping on the side of the house....
Chris Freegard OBE( Town Planner Plymouth City Council 1997)

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