A Guide to Measuring Your Garden

Special Online Design Deal available during this awful COVID-19 Lockdown

Bone Structure Design (Hard Landscaping) For a one off fee of just

  • £125.00 for a Small Courtyard Garden

  • £150.00 for a Medium Sized Garden

  • £200.00 for a Large Garden

  • For Gardens over 1000 m2 Price on application

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This Design Offer is for the Hard Landscaping, a term I refer too, as the bone structure of the garden. A Soft landscaping Planting Plan is also available this will add a further cost as detailed. But please note most garden centres WILL NOT hold all the stock that you need

Planting Plan Price List

  • £100.00

  • £125.00

  • £150.00

  • and £ On application

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All Good garden centres have a Plantsman, or Plantswoman

Each holding a wealth of information, who are happy to advise on what planting is most suited to your locality and offer a substitute. You may have to wait until the stock becomes available ie in Season .

Pinterest is a very good source for Inspirational ideas

For the purpose of this offer, the Hard Landscaping; All that is needed are the following :-

  • 3 Photographs or more showing all areas of the garden as a whole, include a view of your residence as this will allow me to include it in the design and show its relationship with the Garden
  • An A4 sheet with the outline shape of the garden shown in plan mode. ie, aerial or birds-eye view.
  • Dimensions width and length clearly marked on the outside of the diagram

Where you experience the Best of the Sun, Morning's and Evening's

  • Dimensions to existing structures ie garden walls Trees and shrubs that you wish to keep.*
  • Your likes and your dislikes the type of garden that you would like

This Photograph is just a guide to show you how to pinpoint aspects of your own Garden.

*To pinpoint the exact location 3 measurements are best maybe more according to the situation. these 3 measurements need to be taken from static points, these are boundaries and or other fixtures that you want to keep. If it is easy to use 4 boundary points then do so as this will also give the distance the fixture takes up. For accuracy the measurements need to be taken at right angles, taking the measurements at an angle other than right angle will give false readings, ie they will make the distance greater than it is

Please message me prior to sending a file, this will eliminate spammers, as I will let you know which format and method to send your photographs and details. Emails showing attachments that are not visible are deleted automatically-I have learned not to click on links, unless I know the source, even then I use due caution

The garden illustrated below is a guide

The half circle raised beds could be a tree, a manhole cover whatever if you have specific requirements such as a patio on different levels, mark these dimensions down including the height differences. To show you were to measure,  The Red Markers below will reveal where each measurement should be taken from. Simply Hover the mouse over or touch the individual red circles on your mobile or hand held device to reveal where to measure from and too.

Measuring Guidlines

The Markers here are to give you an indication of what needs to be measured there would be more if this was an aerial picture The more measurements that you provide the more accurate the design will be.

However this does give a good broad outline of what needs to be measured, and of course inspection covers need to be clearly marked, as these are generally fixtures that cannot be moved and need to be shown.

Of course if you wish to treat the garden as a blank canvas all that is required are the boundary measurements and services pinpointed..

If you have awkward shape boundaries, measure lengths of each straight edge and cross reference defining points ie. direction changes, with two or three strategic points such as fixed point, corners etc. which should assist you in getting the right shape, get someone to help holding the tape and two heads are better than 1.

Once this is done you could mark the measurements on a photograph as well as a diagram pin pointing items that you wish to keep and drain covers etc.

I look forward to receiving your project and designing an area that you can be proud of, relax in and entertain in.

Best Wishes

Graham Smith

There is no upfront fee until we are both happy with a boundary layout and your fixtures are mapped, and sent to you for confirmation of the accuracy. Then a full payment via Bacs will be required, and in two weeks your design will be done, with intermediate diagrams of how it is progressing along the way.

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