The only access to the Garden was via the worst steps I have ever walked down!

Steep risers and very narrow treads
Maybe it was to do with an attack of gout, but my my my, were they steep but worse they were awkward and dangerous, once down into the garden there wasn’t an even patch anywhere but nearer the bottom of the garden, due to drainage works carried out.

The saving grace was the view
and my what a view, the area immediately outside the patio doors was as can be seen in the slideshow very narrow and in some places uneven.
The design that I came up with was practical and facilitated easy access to all parts of the garden even for the lawn mower.

Raised beds
immediately in front of the original landing were added, with the steps sweeping down to the various levels. As work was underway it became apparent that the two raised beds would be too awkward to maintain so a third was added with a walkway along the full length to enable easy maintenance and access to the beds, this also meant that the step design needed to accommodate this change, so with some ingenious engineering this was achieved without looking naff.

The further steps in the garden were designed to flow
between each level to bring continuity to the theme, cutting through the steep slopes they provided additional access to the lower levels. To make the gardening side practical we created gentle slopes to each level.

Our clients are sorting out the planting, but the weather has been so difficult that it’s taking longer than expected, we will be back to see the results later this year.

  • Raised Beds And Steps And A View Down The Garden
  • The Raised Planrers And Steps Lead To The lower Patio
  • The Sandstone paving is laid
The Brief Please come up with a plan
that will make this garden easy to maintain and easy to access

The Design Here
is Is for a very steeply sloping Garden Near Down Thomas, Wembury, The design has been amended somewhat to reflect the changes due to (1) remodeling around a Cess Pit, and (2) The alignment of the raised beds to allow for a walkway between them to maintain the raised beds.

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    Now at last after a very very wet winter, we have managed to complete this project, and seeded the lawned areas..The garden whilst completed was in need of Planting, This is being carried out by (Little Weed) a neighbour and plantswomen. With the weather now in reverse exceedingly bright dry and sunny for months on end we need suitable rainfall to promote the growth of the lawn and allow Mary (little Weed) to complete the planting needed to soften the stark bone structure of the Garden

    Alas this wasn’t what we wanted , however the weather had to get better some day soon! didn’t it?

    A recent visit saw the grass green and the Bergenia on the lower banks had survived had and are now beginning to show some growth, a couple of years down the line will see it improve in leaps and bounds. In such an exposed site the bergenia ( Elephant’s Ears ) will put on a great show as well as surpressing the growth of weeds, flowering in the winter months and intermittently through the year.


This Garden is now being opened up
to provide sensible, practical, and usable space to enjoy the panoramic views offered by this stunning location.

With views of Mount Edgecombe,
Rame Head, Maker, Cawsand, Kingsand, and Plymouth. Situated near DownThomas, Wembury, the idyllic settlements of Manor Bourne, and Andurn nestle in this beautiful setting.

This Property, on the Andurn side,
overlooks the Breakwater, and if only the ground could share the amazing scenes, historical battles, and the comings and goings it had been witness too, of famous commanders, and their Battleships, the Pilgrim Fathers and the comings and goings of smugglers, the list goes on.

The remodel of this Garden Started with the garden design
as per the cover picture. with Landscaping now underway, we are going to make the most of it for our clients.

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