Born out of Sound Principals--Creativity--Ingenuity--Expertise--Attention
to Detail--Excellent Value--Knowledge--Experience--Love of the Work

A little bit about us

Proprietor and founder of Derna Landscapes and Artisan

founded Derna Landscapes in April 1985, with the Sole Purpose to concentrate on Hard and Soft Landscaping, Design and Construction. A decision arrived at after many years of experience starting from school holiday work and later after leaving school for PH Tennant Dip.hort a member of my parents church. It was here with Paul Tennant and his Stone mason Ron May that I spent time on a project at the Chelsea Flower Show. Shortly afterwards I left the employ of Paul Tennant because I didn't agree with the edicts being dictated by Big Jim Taylor and had been withdrawn from (Exclusive brethren speak for excommunication);and moved to Webb Landscaping still in Acton, London, and later to Clifton Nurseries conveniently situated between Warwick Avenue Tube Station, and LIttle Venice, Here whilst working with a team we planted out roof terraces for well known celebrities, one of whom was Squadron Leader Sir Douglas Bader, a very grumpy and sour gent from my experience, maybe it was a bad day. My mentor Vic his surname eludes me set me up as self employed by giving me contracts for The Crown Estates Hackney, and a list of his clients for whom I would carry out the garden maintenance. A Mr Joy who ran an employment Agency, a Mr Samson to name a couple, both had been designed by Vic ....and all in St Johns Wood. However due to being told to leave my Parents house due to archaic non christian dogma handed out from the American Leader of the Exclusive Brethren Big Jim Taylor, I decided to make a break from London and move to the west country. Leaving all behind; I grumpy and sour from London and settled here in Devon. I would receive letters from my mother imploring me to come home as her phone hadn't stopped ringing from my customers wanting me to carry on looking after their gardens.

I had already decided that I was staying in Devon and didn't return, and as landscaping wasn't as much in demand here I became a milkman for the Co-op to enable me tom get a mortgage and after a couple of other Jobs, including selling Photocopiers for Rank Xerox and then Canon, 14 years later in April 1985 Derna Landscapes was born and I was back to being my creative self, doing what I always wanted to do which was to design and build gardens, and although I was exceedingly good at garden maintenance it didn't satisfy my creative side.
The name Derna was what we re-named our house after my wife'd parents Bungalow in Plympton. Whilst collecting stone from Lantoom Quarry near Liskeard I discovered that the name originated from of a Port in Lybia, once an important Mediterranean trade centre in the ancient world of the Greeks and Romans

Since 1985

Derna Landscapes have earned themselves a reputation as a reputable, and reliable company with an eye for creating stunning gardens, patios, and driveways. etc incorporating what I had gleaned from all my work experience which taught me to look outside the box for inspiration.

Still the same me

who wants all my customers to be happy with my work it's who I am., and nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing my customers faces, when their project is completed.

Two of the pictures
on the front date from 1988 just 3 years after Derna Landscapes was established. The pictures depict a folly that now 31 years later looking the part. This project catapulted me into the area of landscaping dear to my heart and landed me a contract for restoring the grounds of an old farm mentioned in the Doomsday book. East Worthel Farm, for the then President of the Veterinary Sociiety, during the mad cow disease outbreak, and both clients have returned for more work to be done, in 2018 2019 and 2020 so I must be doing something right.

Our Customer Satisfaction is our Driving Force

No matter what size the project is We Treat all Clients with the same care and respect, and furthermore, when a new job is started it will always be finished before moving on to the next project.

*This means that every working day the team will be on site, getting the job done.
Unless special circumstances agreed at the outset, prevail.

All good workmanship is down to the correct site preparation,

if we find a soft spot under a Drive, Patio or Path sub base it comes out and is filled with hardcore, it takes more time and costs more, but the end result is guaranteed hassle free for the customer and us the contractor.

It takes time to get a good reputation.

and we ain’t going to risk it for a bit of extra work

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Good workmanship

is also down to taking pride in what you do, and doing the best you can, to achieve a professional result.

“What ever work you do do it with all your might”

is one of our mottos, another is

No Problems, Only Solutions”.

We Are Not Happy, Until You Are Completely Satisfied With Our Workmanship Our Ethos is based upon Dedication to Customer Satisfaction, If you have managed to read all our History many thanks, it might be the right time to sit down with a nice cup of tea, glass of wine, And yes we hope to add you to our portfolio.

  • Granite and lavender with Purbeck paving

We are Specialists in; Garden Design, Restoration work, Stone Work, Decking, Fencing, Paving, Terracing, Roof gardens, Turfing, Pond construction, Drainage systems, Rockeries, Planting, Driveways, Retaining walls, Rain Curtains, Tandoor Ovens, Pizza Ovens, Fire Places, Out Door Fire Places

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Derna Landscapes
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